Resources for Learners

The heady, disruptive effects of globalization have made it necessary for young professionals and aspiring professionals to learn a new language. As such, very many people invest incredible amounts of money to procure textbooks and language-learning software. While this software and books often work, one does not need to splurge huge amounts of money to gain what you’d get on a leaner budget. Here are the most readily available and most helpful resources for learning a new language:

Learner Community Websites

There is a slew of websites replete with good study resources featuring comprehensive lessons on a host of foreign languages. The most outstanding sites in that regard include Livemocha and Busuu. These sites have community forums where learners can connect to native speakers of the language they intend to learn. Well, the popular listen-and-repeat style of learning a new language does not augur well with everyone, but, honestly, it is profoundly effective and will steepen the learning curve.

The community forums are meant for chatting and correcting user’s writing and speaking. It is very easy for learners to connect easily with each other.

Song Lyrics

You probably know this already, but it won’t hurt to mention it once more: music is a great tool for learning and remembering a new language. The best songs for learning a new language are the classics as they tend to be simple: they employ relate-able themes and everyday language. You can always find audio versions with lyrics on platforms such as YouTube. Moreover, learners of foreign languages can always find lyric study guides on the internet which are designed by teachers of the target language.

Online Newspapers

If you want to learn a new language quickly, then you need to read foreign language newspapers regularly. Foreign language newspapers are regularly updated and are culturally relevant so much that they can help learners of various levels to master the target language quickly. Advanced learners who are after honing their proficiency in the target language can pore over editorials and columns which more than likely contain local slang, idioms, as well as stylized writing. More, following a news story for several weeks can also refresh the learned vocabulary as the words and phrases are certainly going to be repeated.


Podcasts are a very effective way of learning a new language. They are accessible and can easily be listened to during your morning commute. Beginners should find podcasts designed for novice language learners. Intermediate and advanced learners can get podcasts done entirely in the target language. They can also choose podcasts that are tailored to their hobbies- be it science or sports.

Language Exchange Groups

There is no greater motivator under the sun known to man than friendships. Friendships are an incredible motivator for language learning. Socializing with native speakers of a target language can ensure the learner quickly becomes adept in colloquial speech and pronunciation. For those who reside in cities, language exchange groups are an invaluable asset for learning spoken language. Community centers in cities often run free language exchange events permitting participants to be paired with native speakers of the target language.

Undoubtedly, with the help of these learning resources, any student will quickly master the language they desire.

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